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Case Studies

Case Studies

Pumping up the Volume

A 30% increase in capacity was required at this pumping station which supplies water to a large reservoir. A number of technical and design challenges had to be met including:

  • Specific drive and operational requirements for the booster pumps, including the need for 80% speed within 2 to 3 seconds, and ramp from 80% to 100% within 15 seconds
  • Working within existing space restrictions
  • Use of the existing LV tails requiring tailor-made incoming cable sections
  • Use of the existing trench to install the new MCC, making the spacing and location of incomers, starters, feeders and controls critical
  • Keeping the station working during the upgrade.

We achieved the required booster pump speed with the use of soft start starters rated at 450kW, and the controls were designed using a ControLogix PLC and a PanelView+1000 HMI colour and touch screen. Pre-existing instrumentation was integrated with the new ControLogix PLC and the duty and standby plant was put on separate PLC cards.


We also supplied and integrated a paperless recorder, Yokogawa Daqstation DX2008, with the PLC.

To keep the pumping station working, we set up temporary controls which were able to work with both the old and new set-up, ensuring a smooth changeover with no disruption.


Value engineering coupled with our collaborative approach from an early stage, enabled our client to make savings of approximately £250,000, and significant carbon footprint reductions of130t/CO2.

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