What is IEC 61439?

As of November 2014, the previous standard IEC 60439 has been replaced with the new standard series IEC 61439. The new standard series addresses shortfalls in the previous guidelines as requirements were not always clear under IEC 60439; up to 80 percent of existing assemblies worldwide are not actually compliant.

Under the old standard there was a lot of confusion on the terms “type tested assemblies” and “partially type tested assemblies” or TTA and PTTA. IEC 61439 has replaced those terms with “verified assembly”. Two categories of verification are defined in the new rules, “routine verifications” similar to the tests outlined under IEC 60439 TTA requirements and “design verifications” meaning a pervious type-test has been undertaken and through calculation and engineering rules the assembly design can be proved.

IEC 61439-1&2 gives clear explanation of the tests and other requirements to ensure low voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies to ensure the equipment is safe and reliable.

All Saftronics’ product ranges are fully complaint with the rules of IEC 61439 and to get more detailed information we would welcome your call.

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