DfMA Offsite Build Solutions

Saftronics provide a variety of products in offsite modular build solutions. Enhancing efficiency in cost, schedule and quality.

DFMA (Design For Manufacture & Assembly)

With the evolution of DFMA (Design For Manufacture & Assembly) solutions for all industries Saftronics can offer the client multiple build options both based on finish and consideration of the long-term sustainability. Traditional DFMA solutions using GRP style enclosures mounted on a metal base frame are available for offsite build and onsite lifting into final position.

Modular Buildings / E-Houses

A more modern and environmentally sustainable solution is to supply metal clad modular buildings (or e-houses), which are again offsite manufactured and then onsite lifted into final position. The key benefits of this approach is the strength vs weight savings, long-term life expectancy and the low carbon end of life disposal costs. As metal modular buildings are metal scrap recyclable solutions and do not suffer from high end of life fibre glass disposal / recycling costs.

dfma design for manufacture and assembly

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