Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering Solutions for when paperwork is lost, damaged or simply not kept up to date.

Reverse Engineering

Saftronics have carried out reverse engineering for almost as long as we’ve been building Motor Control CentresControl Panels and LV Switchboards. Given the expertise within our team it makes sense for us to offer this service out to clients.

We understand paperwork is often lost, damaged or simply not kept up to date. Throw in a few staff changes and it is easy to see how organisations lose track of how exactly a machine operates.

The team from Saftronics will speak with your in-house operators to find out exactly how your asset works. We will then extract the PLC, whether block or logic, and reverse engineer it to determine the processes it follows. If needed we can then re-write the documentation, ensuring that it is up to date with current standards.

When we reproduce the documentation we always have our eyes on the future. We will write it in such a way so that the asset is easily upgradable and that any reliability issues can easily be tackled.

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