Siemens SIVACON S8

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We are one of only 200+ worldwide partners licensed to build the SIVACON miniature withdrawable unit technology.

We became a Siemens SIVACON Technology Partner in 2004 and, following on from our 100% scores in both Siemens and TUV audits, we are regarded as one of their most trusted Siemens SIVACON partners. 

One of our favourite aspects of the SIVACON range is its adaptability. The withdrawable panels provide stacking densities of up to 48 circuits in a single column which leads to smaller plant/switch rooms. They also have numerous mechanical design features which ensure that plant and processes can be upgraded or interchanged with minimal downtime or disruption. Replacing withdrawable units can be carried out without de-energising the panel.

Siemens SIVACON S4

We don’t manufacture SIVACON S4 but do offer installation and modification support as the Saftronics team are familiar with Siemens quality and install processes.


This is a legacy product but we can still provide support. Please get in touch for more information on how we can help.

8 good arguments for...

8 good arguments for safety


• Design verification by verification test in accordance with IEC 61439-1/-2
• Design-verified connection to the SIVACON 8PS busbar trunking system


High level of personal safety thanks to roof plate with pressure relief


Comprehensive certifications:

• High degree of test coverage
• Certifications for use on ships and offshore platforms
• Earthquake upgrade


The patented locking system or simple or central locking keeps doors closed even in the event of an arcing fault.


Safety in the event of an arcing fault, thanks to testing in accordance with IEC 61641 and VDE 0660 Part 500-2: restriction of the effects of the arcing fault:

• Within the power distribution board
• To a section
• To a compartment


An arcing fault barrier restricts the effects to one section when an arcing fault occurs.


The insulated main busbars prevent the occurrence of arcing.


Safe housing:

• Frame made from stable sheet-steel profiles
• Sendzimir-galvanized surfaces on frame components, bases, rear panels and floor plates

8 good arguments for flexibility


A variety of connection options via vertical section busbars: flexible layout and optional expansions


Supply unit and feeder:

• Via cable or SIVACON 8PS busbar trunking system from 630 to 6,300 A
• From the top or bottom
• Aluminium or copper busbar trunking system


The section can be installed – either single- or double-fronted – together with a main busbar system or back-to-back with a separate main busbar system.


The standardized, circumferential rows of holes in the sheet-steel profiles allow for individual expansion.


High level of flexibility thanks to innovative modular technology:

• Different installation designs can be combined in one section
• Functional units are easy to exchange or add


The functional compartments can be divided as required with add-on modules.


Depending on requirements, different degrees of protection can be implemented with the roof plate – ventilated or non-ventilated.


The universal door hinge allows the hinge side to be easily changed.

8 good arguments for efficiency


Economical design:

• Circuit breaker section provides enough space for up to three circuit breakers
• Flexible installation design: fixed-mounted or withdrawable design for easy maintenance


Efficient, flexible operation:

• High packing density with up to 35 outgoing feeders per section
• Fast exchange under operating conditions


Reduced service time thanks to maintenance-free section connections


The patented ventilation slots reduce maintenance effort:

• Cleaning is possible with the door closed and from the outside
• Low repair costs


The patented connection terminals are safe, flexible, and easy to connect – during installation and in the event of subsequent changes.


Reliable partners:

• Maximum technological progress through constant innovation guarantees the highest quality
• Brand strength combined with expertise gained over many years and the availability of a local partner on-site


The SIMARIS software tools save time throughout the process – from planning to configuration all the way to plant documentation.


The innovative, communication-capable SENTRON components are easy to integrate:

• System status and energy flows are made transparent
• For energy-efficient plant operation

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